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About Us

Not only the following advantages, but more importantly, our seriousness of each product and the responsibility of each customer. Being your most reliable partner is our highest pursuit.

  1. Super Cost Performance & timely delivery
  2. More than 10 years Experience in the area of Filtration and Separation
  3. Serving more than 300 customers
  4. Based on 9100 Certificate
  5. All products based on Material Inspection & Production Process Inspection & Finished Product Inspection
  6. Products directly to your hands, Provide regular additional products 

Main Products

Mesh Filters

DEZE is a Manufacturers and suppliers for Filtration and Separation products. Our custom services offer more possibilities for your mesh filter product. 

Not limited to stainless steel materials, titanium alloys and other functional materials are also available. 

Mesh Filters
sintered filter

Sintered Filter

Sintered mesh filter is usually consists of 5 layer or more layers metal mesh and powder type.

Sintered mesh is a type of perfect material for making sintered filter elements like: sintered metal filter discs, sintered filter plate, sintered filter tube and other more types.

Wedge Wire Filter

DEZE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wedge wire type filters and wedge wire filter strainers. The shape of the filter and strainer under supply: wedge wire tube…

Perforated baskets are commonly used in industrial and medical Settings, primarily for storing and transporting items that require ventilation or drainage. 

Filter Material & Media

In order to cope with the different environments faced in the use of filter & separation products, Deze provides you with customized services for multiple materials.

Why Choose Us

High Quality

Our company has pass CE and ISO certificates.

Competitive Price

30%-50% price off

Excellent Service

Professional sales team

Fast Delivery Time

15-25 national days


Filtration & separate Filter Elements for more professional services

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