Custom Metal Filters

Custom Metal Filters are primarily used in commercial and industrial applications, and in some applications the goal is to protect downstream components from particulate matter. In other cases, metal filters may be used to separate or screen one substance from another.

Whether your specific application requires removing unwanted contaminants from fluid or air, protecting expensive process equipment, or simply separating one material from another, we can manufacture custom metal filters to your exact specifications, including wire cloth, perforated metal, or expanded metal. Custom fabricated custom filters can provide the desired perfect size and performance characteristics.


custom metal filters
custom metal mesh filters
custom metal filters
custom metal filters

Custom Metal Filters are ideal for applications that include continuous exposure to liquid or moisture, or where paper Filters do not provide sufficient rigidity or strength. In addition to their excellent durability, metal filters have other inherent design advantages. Metal filters can be manufactured by welding and crimping, and do not require adhesive or epoxy bonding.

Unlike paper filters, metal filters can withstand temperature ranges in excess of 500° F and can withstand extremely high differential pressures. Depending on the metal used, your filter can be compatible with most corrosive fluids. For example, stainless steel filters are highly resistant to corrosion in corrosive environments.

Best of all, metal filters are intrinsically cleanable and reusable. Reusable metal filters have a longer life than paper and cloth filters and are commonly used in metal cutting, engine and compressor oils, and wastewater applications.


  1. Apply filter at high temperature.
  2. High pressure filtration.
  3. Filters for highly corrosive applications.
  4. Corrosion resistant filter.
  5. Washable and reusable filters.

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