Deze is a professional custom metal strainers manufacturer, we design, engineer and manufacture custom metal strainers in a variety of materials, sizes and configurations. As experts in custom filters, we work one-on-one with our customers to design the best solution and select the best material based on application, flow rate and temperature, particles removed, line size and other relevant factors.

Custom metal strainers products are:

custom metal strainers

Basket strainer

Mesh strainers

Mesh strainers

custom metal strainers


custom metal strainers

Stamping strainers

custom metal strainers

Witches hats strainers

Custom metal strainers use a wide range of wire mesh and perforated metal. They capture debris that damages mechanical components in fluid lines. Metal strainers are removable from their housings to clean and inspect for debris. Rigid grids are self-supporting, while finer grids are fastened to perforated sheet metal support structures. Screens and perforated brackets are formed and welded to form, then crimped, welded or overmolded into end caps, flanges or mounting edges as required by the customer.

Deze manufactures custom metal strainers in OEM quality, our stainless steel products are suitable for general corrosion resistance and sanitary applications in many industries. We offer titanium alloy filters with high corrosion resistance, especially in the presence of inorganic acids and chlorides. We also offer hastelloy and monel alloys, both of which are the best choice for products used in harsh service conditions. We also use various metal materials such as brass, aluminum, and can provide metal strainers with various coatings and finishes such as electropolished and passivated.

Metal strainers are pressure vessels that support filter units, constructed of mesh or perforations, which are used to separate corrosive debris from water streams and protect processes, piping systems from potential damage to equipment. We manufacture standard and custom optimized metal strainers for your industrial and commercial needs.


Deze manufactures high quality metal strainers, elements, strainers with different designs and properties. With our exceptional metal range and flexibility in product form and shape, we offer metal strainers suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  1. Metal strainers are constructed of metal to block debris bacteria and protect equipment from debris damage. Construction materials such as nails, welding slag, dirt, tools, etc., can become trapped in the piping system during machine startup. These foreign contaminants can damage pumps, compressors and other critical equipment in the system.
  2. Metal strainers are suitable for applications where the operating environment requires robust design and resistance to corrosive fluids and gases provided by metal structures, such as high pressure gas and liquid filtration, vapor filtration, gas compression, catalyst recovery and polymer filtration. Higher operating temperatures, differential pressures and corrosion resistance can be accommodated by design and use of alternative materials such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and other alloys.
  3. Metal strainers help remove scale, rust, joint compound and loose metal from pipes. It protects the system’s burners, valves, pumps, bearings, condensers and nozzles. The design configuration of metal strainers focuses on pressure drop, flow rate and particle size. It captures foreign particles of all sizes, saving costly equipment repairs and replacements.
  4. Metal strainers don’t just help remove debris from flow ductwork. You can use a pipe filter to collect rust, leaves, and other organic materials. They need to block all debris and substances from downstream equipment. Metal strainers can also be an additional motivator to help with operation and start-up issues due to premature contamination of the filter media.
  5. To help minimize pressure drop within the system, we utilize our in-house capabilities to customize perforated plates. This allows us to better control the open area of the strainer, ensuring that the product filter has the correct micron size while operating efficiently. While perforated plates provide support and filtration, wire mesh is added for finer filtration.
  6. Metal strainers are widely used in chemical, petroleum, LNG, oil refining, power generation, pharmaceutical, water treatment, nuclear energy, aerospace and other industrial fields.

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