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Our quality products are known, established and valued by our customers due to the high quality of our products, speed of production and our punctuality. Successful technology and development management will allow us to improve our market position and also penetrate new markets, usually adjacent market segments. In terms of new applications of screen products, new materials, new production processes, the possibility is far from exhausted.

Our engineers can help make your metal filtration products a success. DEZE has been manufacturing custom engineered parts such as wire cloth filters, expanded metal filters and fabricated perforated metal filters and filter assemblies, among others. We understand how various welds, materials and designs work in different applications.

Our team will work with your engineers to provide customized filter design help, or help develop prototypes for any metal filter device style imaginable. We have helped turn thousands of ideas into metal filters, strainers and screens for every industry. With a collaborative process, our team interacts with your engineering staff at every step.

We follow our founders’ philosophy of “mutual consent at design time,” which is a collaborative process where our team interacts with your engineering staff at every step.

The interaction process includes:

  1. Carefully review your drawings and material selection.
  2. Recommend design or material options that provide better performance and the most cost-effective finished product.

Typical Construction

Custom Metal Filters

Custom Metal Strainers

Material Standards

Difference Between Filters And Strainers

The main difference between filters and strainers is the size of the particles they remove. People sometimes confuse filters with strainers because they remove particles from the system. The filter removes smaller particles (invisible to the naked eye). Strainer removes impurities that are visible to the naked eye.


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