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DEZE is a Manufacturers and suppliers for Filtration and Separation products. Our custom services offer more possibilities for your mesh filter product, like: mesh filter tube, mesh filter disc, mesh filter pipe, stainless steel cartridge and so on.

Not limited to stainless steel materials, titanium alloys and other functional materials are also available. Based on the weaving and welding process, Deze’s other processes provide you with more mesh filter product options.

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Mesh Filters


wedge wire filter

Wedge Wire Filter

DEZE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wedge wire type filters and wedge wire filter strainers. The shape of the filter and strainer under supply: wedge wire tube

Perforated Filter Pipe

Perforated Baskets

Perforated baskets are commonly used in industrial and medical Settings, primarily for storing and transporting items that require ventilation or drainage.

sintered metal filters 20 microns

Sintered Filter

Sintered mesh filter is usually consists of 5 layer or more layers metal mesh. Sintered mesh is a type of perfect material for making sintered filter elements like: sintered metal filter discs, sintered filter plat

wire mesh screen filters
Wire Mesh Filters

Wire mesh filters mainly includes sintered mesh filter element, disc filter, tube filter, wedge mesh filter, pleated filter element, filter basket. Wire mesh filters has single-layer and multi-layer woven metal mesh for customers to choose. 

Woven Wire Mesh Filter

Woven wire mesh filter includes stainless steel wire mesh, brass woven wire mesh, copper wire mesh screen, etc. The most popular among them is stainless steel wire mesh.

fine mesh filter
Fine Mesh Filter

Fine mesh filter can be made of various metal materials. We can customize high-performance fine stainless steel mesh filter. 

We produce filters of specific materials, such as wire mesh filters, wire cloth filters and stainless steel filters. Fine mesh filter made of our high-quality wire cloth, welded wire mesh, annealed wire mesh and diffusion wire mesh.

Fine mesh filters for liquids or compressed air provide absolute retention over a wide range of filtration levels. We provide stamping, manufacturing and finishing services to create a suitable industrial fine mesh filter for your application. According to the specific requirements of customers, fine mesh filter can customize various mesh sizes and lengths through welding, sintering and other processes.

Stainless Mesh Filters
Stainless Mesh Filters

Stainless mesh filters are mainly made of 304,316 stainless steel material, woven from stainless steel wire mesh. 

The main types of weaving are plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave. Stainless mesh filters have good filtering performance even in harsh environments.

Stainless mesh filters are divided into single-layer and multi-layer woven stainless steel meshes. These stainless mesh filters can be punched, rolled, sintered, welded and other processes according to your specific requirements. Due to the nature of the stainless steel material we use, its overall strength means that when cleaned, it will stand up to the test and be more durable than panels of smaller construction, making it an ideal filter for large particle contaminants.

20 micron metal mesh filter disk
Micron Mesh Filter

We manufacture micron mesh filters in a variety of sizes for use in many different product components. 

We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom micron mesh filters and provide services such as weaving, punching, sintering, and more to provide producible microfilament fabric components.

Soft sintered, annealed and diffusion bonded cloths are suitable for applications that require precise forming, flexibility during processing and part stability. The micron mesh filter is designed according to the customer’s specific situation, through the use of different layers and weave structures to optimize the customer’s product and process to achieve ideal filtration and dispersion.

Custom Mesh Filters

We provide a custom mesh filter service. Deze can produce a vast variety of metal mesh, welded mesh and

perforated cylinders, filter discs, mesh filter tube and other products. We manufacture welded metal mesh cylinders and pipes for a variety of applications. Metal mesh can be used to make bullet filters, capped filters, open flange filters and crimped filters.

Mesh filters are woven in the same way as cloth is woven on a loom. Common materials used to manufacture custom mesh filters are carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel wire mesh is popular because it is extremely chemical resistant, can be used in hot and cold liquids, and is easy to clean. Aluminum mesh is light in weight, high in strength, high in electrical conductivity and low in melting point. Aluminum mesh is also significantly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Carbon steel and galvanized wire mesh are strong, economical and readily available.


Our company provides a kind of metal alloy to solve the problem of providing products with excellent

performance in high temperature and high corrosive environment. Our products are very strong

and welded or sintered. Length, diameter, thickness, alloy, medium grade and other specifications

can be adjusted during the production process, so that the product is suitable for a variety of

filtration, flow and chemical compatibility in different customer processes.

ProductS BY Material

stainless steel mesh filters

Stainless Steel Filters

Stainless steel filters can be made of stainless steel mesh, stainless steel sintered wire mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, 

stainless steel fiber sintered felt and other types of mesh, we have stainless steel strainer, stainless steel pleated filter, stainless steel perforated filter, stainless steel filter disc, stainless steel tube filter and other products.

Stainless mesh filters have single-layer and multi-layer meshes, and these stainless mesh filters can be woven, punched, rolled, sintered, welded and other processes according to your specific requirements.

Stainless steel filters can be composed of a single layer of stainless steel wire mesh, ideal for applications requiring a low cost alternative to stainless steel filters. Due to the method of construction, single layer filter elements do not require sealing.

sintered titanium filter

Titanium Filters

Titanium filters are high-efficiency porous filter products made of industrial high-purity titanium powder through powder classification, molding, sintering and mechanical welding. Titanium filters are produced 

brass screen filters

Brass Filters

Brass filters are mainly divided into two types: brass mesh filters and sintered brass filters. Brass wire mesh usually refers to braided wire made of #65 brass (65%Cu and 35%Zn), #70 brass and 3580as raw materials network. 

copper filters

Copper Filters

Copper is a common metal material that is used for many different functions. Its high tensile strength is eight times that of most other metals, making this premium, machined, premium metal in high demand. Copper filters can be made into various types such as copper tube filters, copper filter discs for liquid

aluminum filters

Aluminum Filters

The aluminum filters are made of high-quality aluminum mesh to provide the longest possible lifespan. Reusable and cleanable. This metal air filter is made of multi-layer corrugated woven mesh or pleated mesh, protected and supported by expanded mesh or perforated mesh and frame. 

custom metal mesh filters

Custom Metal Mesh Filters

Custom metal mesh filters can be made of many different types of metals, but stainless steel is the most common because it is easy to clean and corrosion resistant. The number of layers and grids forming the metal mesh depends on different conditions and uses. Some filters are very fine, allowing only the smallest particles to pass, while others have larger gaps, blocking only the larger particles in the flow.

We use custom metal mesh filters according to the specific requirements of customers to adapt to the application. With rich industry experience, we provide customers with a variety of metal mesh filters. These metal mesh filters are highly respected for their compact design, accuracy and effective performance. Custom metal mesh filters have unique specifications, superior performance and excellent quality.

Metal mesh filters is a cost-effective solution. The filter medium of the metal filter screen is wrapped in the internal support of the filter element, which is mainly perforated metal and welded together. The filter medium is not limited to a single layer, because the filter control layer and support layer of different grids can be welded together to form a multi-layer grid filter medium.

Metal mesh filters can be composed of woven mesh, metal powder sintering mesh and multi-layer sintering mesh. We produce metal mesh filters of various materials and sizes. Custom metal mesh filters can use different layers and woven structures to optimize customers’ products and processes according to customers’ specific conditions, so as to achieve the expected filtering and dispersion effects. Metal mesh filters is one of the most widely used filters, because its structure is suitable for almost any filter or application.

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