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DEZE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wedge wire type filters and wedge wire filter strainers. The shape of the filter and strainer under supply: wedge wire tube, wedge wire cylinder, wedge wire baskets, wedge wire screen panel, wedge wire sieve bends, wedge wire nozzles and other customized wedge wire products.

Wedge wire can working as solid-liquid separation system, Dewatering Equipment, brewing and food, catalytic reformer, grain industry, well system, paper making, environmental protection, sand control, water treatment like water Intake.  

All of our customers are committed to providing you with wedge wire products that meet the quality requirements. Welcome to contact our technicians.

Wedge wire slotted screen filter

Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Filter

Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Filter, also known as flower tubes, is arranged in rows and staggered

 to reduce the negative impact on the strength of the screen.Typically, these grooves are stamped into plates and subsequently rolled into tubes and welded.Considering as the best choice of bore filter, it is widely used in various fields in developed countries.

The wedge silk mesh consists of support rods and wedge filaments.Wedge line and support bars are welded together for strength and durability.The ds can be circular lines, triangles and trapezoids.The ire is triangular (V wire).

wedge wire drum filter
Wedge Wire Drum Filter

Wedge wire drum filter is a drum screen, usually made of stainless steel wedge wire or perforated plate

made of stainless steel V-shaped wire and support rods. It has a very reliable and efficient filtering effect. The drum is a fine screen, and the drum is made of rotating wedge wires. The water is introduced into the screen through a special distribution headbox. The solids are collected in the cylinder, thickened and continuously discharged to the outlet, while the filtrate flows through the opening of the wedge wire. The bowl is entirely made of stainless steel.

Wedge wire drum filters are usually used to separate large solids from liquids. The diameter of the screen will determine the size of particles allowed to flow through the drum. Rotary drum works by pumping slurry into one end of the drum. When the drum rotates, the smaller particles pass through and the larger particles fall at the end of the drum. 

Wedge Wire Screen Filter
Wedge Wire Screen Tube

Wedge wire screen tube, also called round slot tube. It is made of stainless steel wire, 

which is the most popular type because of outstanding chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

DEZE wedge wire screen tube is the perfect solution for a wide variety of filtration applications. Our screen tubes are manufactured with high quality materials and construction, ensuring a long lasting product that can handle even the most difficult filtration challenges. With a variety of sizes and specifications available, we have the perfect screen tube for your needs.

Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle
Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle

High strength and durable wedge line nozzles are mainly made mainly of premium stainless steel including single wedge and double wedge line nozzles.

Single wedge line nozzles are available in plate and long hand style.With the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, convenient installation.In addition, multiple wedge-line nozzles can be used together as a collector at the bottom of the container.

The nozzle is installed on the container hole plate.The typical configuration has a stem protruding through each hole and secured with nuts and washers.The screens are manufactured by customer request and are not limited by customer request and are not limited by length or diameter.

Wedge Wire Candle Filter

Wedge Wire Candle Filter

The wedge wire candle filter is composed of wedge wire and support wire. The top line is connected to the support rod by electric welding.

 The strict continuity integrity of all welded steel wire wraps the screen, with the minimum resistance to high pressure. This is a form of surface filtration. The surface profile is triangular, and the supporting profile can be triangular, round or square. These filter feature small slit openings and excellent roundness for high precision.

The wedge wire is a wedge screen composed of annular steel wires. The wedge wire and the support rod are welded together to ensure the two-point contact between the particles and the groove, thus minimizing the blockage of the size products. Wedge wires are mostly self-supporting, because each intersection point is welded, it can withstand high pressure and heavy load. Because its filter surface is very smooth, mechanical wear is relatively small.

self cleaning wedge wire filter

Wedge wire filter strainer has high mechanical strength, independent structure and absolutely accurate filtration.

The minimum filtration accuracy of wedge-shaped net is 25um, which increases the filtration area and makes the surface not easy to be blocked. The whole wedge-shaped net is welded by wedge-shaped wire and supporting structure.

The appropriate spacing between the parallel wedge-shaped wires determines the filtration area. With our strong production capacity, we can produce cylindrical filter and surface filter. What’s more, we have rich production experience and powerful production equipment to satisfy customer requirements, to provide customized products for customers.


DEZE provides a kind of metal material to solve the problem of providing products with excellent

performance in high temperature and high corrosive environment. Material can be Stainless Steel or Titanium.

With the Length, diameter, thickness, alloy, medium grade and other specifications 

can be adjusted during the production process,

so that the product is suitable for a variety offiltration,

flow and chemical compatibility in different customer processes.

FAQ's Help you Know Better about Wedge Wire Filter

The wedge wire is made of rigid triangular wire, welded to the support rods, and then installed on the round mold. The welding process consists of welding at each point in a continuous manner using a disc to form a tubular form.

The wedge wire has a triangular shape, with different heights, widths, and radius ranges at the nose and corners. Alloy, temper, and surface requirements vary depending on the application used for the screen.

Wedge wire filter is widely used in various industries. Some of the most common end uses include water filtration, mineral processing, pulp and paper making, food processing, oil extraction, and construction applications.

The wedge wire is made of resistance welded wedge-shaped or V-shaped profiles, which are at a certain distance from the support rib. The gap between these wedges allows liquid to pass through while filtering out larger particles. Wedge wire filter has a variety of shapes and sizes, which can meet the process requirements.

Wedge wire filter consists of a surface profile and a support profile. A surface profile, usually a v-shaped wire, is wound and welded to the support profile. The distance between the surface profiles is controlled very precisely as it forms the gaps through which the filtrate flows. The flow direction is determined by the position of the V-shaped wire relative to the support profile.

Our wedge wire filters are made of wedge wire. Wedge wire is rolled and periodically welded to the support rod. Thus, providing maximum open area and strength, providing the best opportunity for filtration and overflow channels. In addition to custom specifications, we also produce a variety of profiles, support bar options.

They are used for liquid filtration in industry. Examples include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical and chemical, wastewater treatment and backwash/cleaning systems.

It offers a low risk of clogging and a self-cleaning effect. Wedge wire filter becomes the ideal solution for separating solids from liquids, retaining media, filtering, classifying, dewatering, collecting and distributing.

Wedge wire filters are used for sewage and wastewater treatment. It ensures that solid particles are filtered out 99.99% from liquid particles in the first stage, thus increasing the solid waste removal efficiency. Since the screen has a uniform filter, solid material is easily removed without clogging. A fine flat screen is used to filter sludge, further reducing suspended solids in the treated water.

The use of wedge wire filters in the food industry varies depending on the type of food or beverage a company produces. Yet every industry will look for some similar components, including pressure resistance, efficient extraction and filtration, non-clogging and ease of maintenance.

Wedge wire filter is the preferred choice in the food industry because the precise gap size allows food to pass through evenly. Larger products remain above the surface profile and can then be easily removed, reducing workplace clogging and efficiency.

It is not only suitable for water treatment and food industry, but also used in petrochemical industry especially in chemical processing. Wedge wire filters are used not only for chemical mixing, but also for media retention, desulfurization procedures, hydrotreating processes, and other applications in the petrochemical industry.

Benefits of wedge wire filter

  1. Wedge wire filterhas a larger circulation area than other screens.
  2. Uniform filter grooves and high precision ensure efficient retention of filter media.
  3. The tiny gaps between the wedge wires create a smooth wedge-shaped cross-section, ensuring no dead ends, good clogging resistance and easy backwashing (purge).
  4. Wedge wire filters have high mechanical strength and can withstand high pressure drops.
  5. It is made of high-quality stainless steel wire, which has strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and can fully adapt to various harsh environments.
  6. It can maintain stable filtration accuracy, can be reused, and work reliably.
  7. Due to the continuous gap, there are only two contact points for the particles to potentially be trapped. This minimizes blockages and therefore reduces equipment downtime.
  8. The efficiency-enhancing design of wedge wire filters means that there is little pressure drop across the liquid. This is better for the rest of the system and allows more material to be processed.

Wedge wire filter mainly has two forms: slotted tube and flat screen. Filtration grades range from 25 to 3000 microns. It mainly has cylindrical, flat, tube, basket, cone, arc filter or other more complex shapes. Depending on the design, the filtering direction can be from outside to inside, or from inside to outside. There is also a design where the screen support rod wires are arranged vertically, while the profiled wires are helically wound on the outer surface of the structural support wires.

Wedge wire is a filter medium made from shaped wire. The surface welding wire is precisely aligned and then welded to the support rod, mainly by automatic resistance welding. Wedge wire filters are made of stainless steel or other metal materials.

Wedge wire filters are metal filtration products made of stainless steel with high mechanical properties. They are static structures that provide efficient filtering. Many different industries use wedge wire filters to solve filtering problems. They can be designed according to the working principle and geometry.

Wedge wire filter is made of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other alloy materials. Wedge wire filters are very effective for filtering and separating solid materials from liquids. This can be important in a variety of settings, but depending on the application, the alloys and materials required may vary.

Stainless steel wedge wire filters are popular in a range of industrial applications. Wedge wire filters are used in a variety of applications, from filtration in food and beverage companies to removing solids from wastewater.

The characteristics of wedge wire filters contribute to their ideal function in microfiltration. The wedge wire design ensures no blockages, giving you an uninterrupted production process, reducing downtime and increasing throughput.

Aluminum is inexpensive, lightweight, malleable, flexible, and resistant to corrosion. It is the most commonly used non-ferrous metal for making wire mesh. Pure aluminum is rarely used to make aluminum wire mesh. To increase the strength of aluminum and enhance some of its other properties, most aluminum is alloyed with other metals, such as copper, magnesium, zinc, or silicon, in some amount.

  1. Wedge wire filter is inherently more durable because it consists of heavier gauge wire and components than woven wire mesh. A woven wire mesh filter may not be as durable on its own, but can be given the necessary strength through additional processes such as lamination into multiple layers, or by combining it with additional support or protective structures.In the larger field of filtration, when the filter is exposed to harsh environments, both wedge wire mesh and woven wire mesh are suitable for a variety of filter media.


  1. The aperture or micron rating of wedge wire filter is usually minimum about 30 microns (.030mm). The minimum micron level of the woven wire mesh filter is about 5 microns. If very fine metal filtration is required to maintain an acceptable flow rate, the woven wire mesh filter can precisely control the size of the opening, which is not even visible to the naked eye.Both types can be made with precise openings, so both can provide very precise filtration, depending on your needs in terms of pore size.


  1. Wedge wire filter and woven wire mesh filter are usually used as surface filtration, which means that the filter cake or material accumulation filtered from the liquid is located on the surface of the filter. This makes the filter easy to clean and reuse.


While both types of media are cleanable and reusable, wedge wire filters are generally easier to clean due to their smoother surface structure than woven wire mesh filters. There is also slightly less risk of damaging the material when cleaning wedge wire filters compared to woven wire mesh filters.

Wedge wire filter is formed by V-shaped metal wire resistance welding and support rod. Our products start from high-quality precursor, and then convert it into cut and shaped. We can also perform special processing on different types of wedge wire filters according to your use area and operation field.

The continuous V-shaped trunking design allows for a reduction in the rate of water ingress by reducing the rate of scaling. The tank design can also prevent clogging, prevent sand from damaging the pump and reduce pumping costs. The high opening area of wedge wire filter allows water to enter freely, thus minimizing the pressure drop of the pump and reducing energy consumption.

Wedge wire filter is solid, high in rigidity, high in wear resistance, uniform in opening, good in filtering performance and easy to clean. It has a continuous groove made of V-shaped wire, which can improve the pumping efficiency by entering the maximum water flow.

It is a metal filter product with high mechanical properties. Many different industries use the wedge wire filter to solve the filtering problem. There are different types of wedge wire filters that can be used in most applications.

The opening ratio of the wedge wire filter can be understood as the ratio of the slot size:

F: Opening ratio

x: Width of the wedge wire

n: Slot size


Open area of wedge wire filter is a very important parameter, especially for customers who use the wedge wire filter for filtering or separation for the first time, it is more important to consider this factor.

The open area of the wedge wire filter is higher than that of the woven wire mesh. The open area of the wedge wire filter is large and the treated water flow is large. It has large opening area and small pressure loss. Reduce energy consumption while ensuring our economic efficiency.

Because the V-shaped wire of the wedge wire filter is not easy to be blocked. However, the larger the opening area of the wedge wire filter is, the better. It needs to be considered according to customer needs. High filtering accuracy, low opening area and small flow. Low filtration precision, large opening area and large flow.


Wedge wire filter adopts a unique V-shaped design. The fluid can pass through the surface of the wedge wire filter under the pressure of the pressure, the pressure gradually increases, and the filtration accuracy is also slowly improved. Finally, the solid particles will be intercepted on the surface of the filter element, and the clear liquid It will be discharged from the shell and proceed to the next process.

The distance between the v-lines is controlled very precisely as it forms the gap through which the filtrate flows. The flow direction is determined by the position of the V-shaped wire relative to the support profile. Wedge wire filters flow either from the outside to the inside or from the outside to the outside.

Depending on the direction of water flow and the way of backwashing, the wedge-shaped mesh reinforcement weaving method will also change accordingly. A variety of ingenious designs and different wedge wire filters are used to ensure efficient filtration and meet filtration requirements.

Wedge wire filters are widely used in screening, filtration, dewatering and desliming operations. It has high strength, rigidity and load-carrying capacity and can be made into wedge wire filters in many shapes.


  1. Wedge wire filteris a multifunctional product. This is a tough and clog resistant multipurpose screen formed by arranging equidistant triangular wedge wires to form slits to suit the application. They can be used for filtration, solid-liquid separation, classification, dehydration, concentration, etc.
  2. It has high strength, rigidity and bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid filter screens of various shapes.
  3. Maintain the maximum effective flow area and operating efficiency.
  4. Minimizes the cost of cleaning clogged screen downtime.
  5. The economy is achieved through simple design, which makes wedge wire filter have low initial cost, minimum maintenance requirement and simplified installation.
  6. Due to the smooth surface and rigid structure, the abrasion of media particles is eliminated.
  7. Increased effective life of expensive media, resulting in longer intervals between cleaning cycles.
  8. The durability of wedge wire mesh is higher than other types of filters.
  1. Filter food such as oil and grease.
  2. Pre-filter for water circulation plants.
  3. The end filter used before filling any viscose medium (such as syrup, jam).
  4. Dirt filters for protection of pumps, valves, nozzles or heat exchangers.
  5. Wedge wire filterhelps to separate inorganic material from organic material through controlled opening. These can be used for handling solvents, filtering water supplies, and more.
  6. Wedge wire filters are vital to the oil and gas industry as they remove contaminants such as sediment. These heavy-duty screens are designed to withstand the harshest environments and conditions.
  7. It is also used for liquid filtration in food processing, water sanitation and a large number of other applications. These sieves separate seeds from juice, keep trash out of drains, and filter pulp during the papermaking process.
  8. Stainless steel edge wire mining screens offer unrivaled strength and performance when used to process coal, salt, sand and gravel. Typically manufactured in wedge-shaped profiles, these mining screens can be configured in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Wedge wire filter is composed of wedge wire and stainless steel support rod. It adopts a full-wound welding production process, and welds a special trapezoidal wire winding on a set of circumferentially arranged support wires. Welding throughout ensures the strict continuous integrity of the product, resulting in ideal gap dimensions and maximum ability to withstand high pressure.

Wedge wire filters are popular in a range of industrial applications. Wedge wire filters are used in a variety of applications ranging from filtration in food and beverage companies to solids removal from wastewater. Its structural design ensures that no clogging occurs, enabling uninterrupted production flow, reducing downtime and increasing output

Wedge wire filters provide an efficient and economical solution for the passage of liquids, air and fine particles, providing absolute confidence in the continuous recovery of suspended materials. Wedge wire mesh offers an efficient and economical solution.

Features of wedge wire filter:

  1. Wedge wire filtercan minimize the pressure loss according to the flow direction.
  2. It can take advantage of its excellent performance of high strength, poor pressure resistance, repeated and frequent cleaning, and can be used for filtering viscous materials, solving a series of problems in filtering special fluids.
  3. The efficiency enhancement design of wedge wire filter means that the pressure drop is very small when the liquid passes through. This is better for the rest of the system and can handle more fluids.
  4. The high strength reinforcement technology has greatly improved the compression resistance.
  5. An important feature of the wedge wire filter used for filtering and separation is the continuous groove, which automatically provides a large opening area to ensure that the pressure drop across the filter surface is very low and not easy to block.
  6. Stainless steel is one of the main materials used to make the wedge wire filter. Stainless steel will not bring any taste through it. This makes it a perfect choice for taste critical products.
  1. Soft towels or wet wipes are required. Choose to purchase professional stainless steel detergents, such as weak detergents, organic solvents or special detergents.
  2. Wipe the surface of the wedge wire filter with a soft towel, and repeatedly wipe it with a slightly wet towel until there is no obvious trace on the surface.
  3. If there is dust on the wedge wire filter, add alcohol, weak detergent or organic solvent into warm water, and wipe it repeatedly with a slightly wet towel until there is no trace on the surface.
  4. If the wedge wire filter is polluted by oil or lubricant, clean it with neutral detergent, ammonia solution or special detergent. Then wash immediately with clean water. Finally, wipe with a clean towel.


The long-term accumulation of stains will increase the difficulty of cleaning. Therefore, we should develop the good habit of regularly cleaning the wedge wire filter to reduce the difficulty of cleaning. In addition, as the wedge wire filter is easy to be scratched by metal, be careful not to use steel balls or other similar tools for cleaning.

Functions of wedge wire filter:

  1. Wedge wire filterhas high strength, rigidity and bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid filter nets of various shapes.
  2. Wedge wire filter continuous slot screens have a larger opening area with very precise openings, are stronger, more durable, virtually non-clogging and reduce media wear.
  3. Longer intervals between cleaning cycles due to smooth surfaces and rigid construction. Wedge wire filter has higher durability.
  4. The wedge wire filter maintains the maximum effective flow area and operating efficiency. It is manufactured by helically winding parallel support rods with continuous V-shaped wire. Capable of minimizing clogging.
  5. Wedge wire filter is a multi-purpose screen with tough and anti-clogging properties, which can be used for filtration, solid-liquid separation, classification, dehydration, concentration, etc.
  6. The wedge wire filter adopts welding technology, which is more resistant to pressure difference and temperature cycle stress. Therefore, the service life of wedge wire filter is very long.

We can custom wedge wire filter according to your requirements. Wedge wire filter consists of support profile and surface profile. The surface profiles are usually v-shaped wires rigidly connected to the support profiles by resistance welding. The distance between the V-shaped wires is precisely controlled as it forms a groove that expands inwards, creating a large open area and anti-clogging surface.

We customize suitable wedge wire filter products for a variety of industries, including water treatment, food and beverage, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mineral and aggregate processing, and petrochemical.

All wires and rods are resistance welded at each point of contact to create a well structured anti-blocking screen surface. Multiple combinations of wire profiles, support rods, flow directions and wireways allow us to custom wedge wire filters to your exact needs.

Wedge wire filter is used in wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment involves removing pollutants from water. The water purification process is divided into physical, biological or chemical stages. Upstream of the wastewater treatment process, solids are removed from the water to avoid damage to downstream machinery that could affect the quality of the purification process.

Wedge wire filter is self-supporting and therefore does not require any special frame or structure. Due to the special hole geometry, the risk of clogging is limited, and the continuous opening with high precision achieves a large opening area.

Wedge wire filters remove suspended solids from mixed liquor streams in an efficient and economical manner. The continuous and self-cleaning effect of the rotary screen makes it possible to use a higher flow rate than any other type of screen, resulting in considerable savings in investment and maintenance.

Wedge wire filter is more suitable when you need finer filtering ability to filter round or square particles. Where perforated filters capture larger particles and solids to prevent damage to downstream equipment. Perforated filters are also ideal when filtering finer particles by combining filter media or mesh overlays.

Wedge wire filters are used in powder dispersion applications where product consistency and smoothness are critical, capable of separating solids and particles while breaking up and dispersing agglomerates. Perforated filters are used for general purpose filtration at high or low temperatures to separate larger particles from liquid streams.

Pressure drop is also an important consideration, as it refers to the drop in fluid pressure across a piping component such as a filter or screen. Wedge wire filters are ideal for high viscosity applications where pressure drop may be higher.

Wedge wire filter is made of a wedge wire around the internal array of longitudinal support rods. It is widely used in various industrial fields, including pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, confectionery and chemical industries.

Each intersection point of the wedge wire filter in industrial wire is welded. The v-shaped or wedge-shaped profile wraps around the support rods for the entire length of the screen, creating a continuous slot opening, thus allowing water (oil) to freely enter the well in sufficient quantities while at the same time driving most of the sand and gravel out of the well.

Wedge wire filter in industrial support rods can be round wire, triangular wire or trapezoidal wire. It is used in many industries. Not only is it able to keep beverages tasty, its toughness and corrosion resistance make it popular in other industrial fields. We can obtain the exact gap size required for your application to provide custom wedge wire filters.

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