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Witches Hat Filters can be composed of multiple layers of wire cloth to form a filter material with higher strength and stiffness.Multilayer mesh forms an ideal uniform filtration structure.Materials and structures maximize the circulation area, effectively reduce resistance, and ensure reliable operation.Hat filters can be used for softening, desalting, water filtration and water pretreatment systems, as well as less demanding industrial water supply and oil essence filtration equipment.

witches hat filters


Witch Hat Strainer

Witch Hat temporary piercing conical filters, or conical filters, temporary filters, are usually temporary devices inserted into a fluid production line to provide filtration and protection for pumps, valves…

The “witch’s hat” cone filter can also be a temporary conical filter, nicknamed the witch filter because of its pointed head and resemlike a witch hood.Is the most versatile style of temporary filters

The top hat strainer has long been considered a method standard for the protection of valves, pumps, turbines, and any other equipment, requiring pollution-free, operated plumbing equipment.

3’Witches Hat strainers, one type of media cone tip toward the direction of the fluid, the other type of fluid opposite, conical tip along the direction of the fluid.It can be roughly divided into

Witch’s Hat strainer made from 304 Stainless Steel are designed to fit inside of a female cam and groove coupling.They come with a pre-attached Nitrile Rubber gasket so all you do is remove your old gasket install the new

Witches hat oil and gas filters are made of stainless steel wire mesh and perforated metal layer together, and also have a multilayer type sintered metal filter-five layers-perforated layer, buffer layer, fine mesh, protective layer. 

Witch hat filter strainer belongs to the pipeline rough filter series.Has a very simple form of filtering.Removing the impurities in the medium in the pipeline is the normal operation of the equipment to achieve process stability 

Puritan hat strainer is a filter in the form of cone cuts used to prevent foreign bodies from entering expensive pumps, valves, instruments, and other mechanical equipment.The cone filter basket is inserted into the metal body

Witch hat type strainer is also called a hat filter, in pipes, can remove solids, installed fluid mechanical equipment works well.Can be used for softening, desalination, water filtration, water pretreatment system

Witch hat conical strainer is a metal mesh by CNC punch stamping or cut into a fan, combined after welding flange and handle, is a coarse filter element, can remove impurities in the medium operation equipment.

The witch hat pipe filters can also be called a temporary filter, which belongs to the pipe coarse filter series.Its filtration form is very simple, mainly to remove the impurities in the medium pipeline, which can make the device work normally


Our company provides a kind of metal alloy to solve the problem of providing products with excellent

performance in high temperature and high corrosive environment. Our products are very strong

and welded or sintered. Length, diameter, thickness, alloy, medium grade and other specifications

can be adjusted during the production process, so that the product is suitable for a variety of

filtration, flow and chemical compatibility in different customer processes.


Witches hat filter mesh size

witches hat strainer mesh size

witches hat filter mesh size has many sizes of filter mesh, such as DN30 inch cone filter is a metal mesh by CNC punch stamping or cut into fans, after combination, welding flange and handle, is a coarse filter element, can remove impurities in the medium, make the equipment work normally, to achieve process stability.With a complete wire mesh production line, many models, can produce a variety of specifications of cone filter screen, uniform mesh, large filtration area, small resistance, renewable (repeated), etc., widely used in oil, natural gas, water treatment and other fields.

Metal Mesh Screening Cone Filter Witch Hat filters can provide effective and economical protection for pumps, valves, instrumentation, and other expensive equipment.Filters are used during pipeline system commissioning and start-up to remove debris left in the pipeline during construction.The filter cannot replace a permanent filter and shall be removed from the pipe after commissioning.The advantages of stainless steel mesh cone filter are acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and strong stress resistance.


  1. The filter can withstand high temperature and pressure difference, and will not cause equipment damage due to separation.
  2. The expected pressure drop of the filter does not cause the downstream working pressure below the minimum pressure required for the pipeline.
  3. Because the hole eye of the filter is slightly smaller than the minimum debris expected to flow through it, it can effectively block impurities.
  4. The size of the perforation is a normal specification, so it does not cause the filter to produce a high pressure drop and cause its failure.
  5. It can be made of single-layer or multi-layer and multi-mesh filters according to customer requirements.
  6.  The widest range is from 20 to 500 orders, with a maximum of 2 microns.
  7. Different materials available: stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, such as phosphorus bronze.
  8. Super strong and strong, with excellent mechanical strength.
  9. Higher chemical resistance and thermal stability for excellent durability.


witches hat filter mesh size specifications


Metal, SS 304,SS 304L,SS316,SS 316L





perforated metal hole diameter


Witches hat filter design

witches hat strainer design

To make a witch’s hat filter, the perforated sheet is rolled up to form a cone, and additional layers of wire mesh are spot-welded to the cone filter, which is called a witch’s hat filter because it looks like a witch’s hat and prevents foreign objects in the pipe from getting into water, oil or gas.

The filters have rubber washers inside and are designed to be installed into type B, C, and D female joints. Their primary purpose is to protect the suction pump from debris. It is integrated with the gasket for tight sealing and quick installation.

Standard and countercurrent designs are available, mounted primarily between two pipe flanges and available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Punch filters, mesh filters and even special cones with anti-vibration rings are available on request.

Witches hat filter installation

witches hat strainer installation

There are two different ways to install starter filters, they can be installed with cones facing upstream or cones facing downstream.

  1. The cone points downstream

In this direction, the debris is captured at the tip of the filter. Because the tip of the cone points downstream, the flow rate near the pipe wall is lower, and the velocity in the center of the pipe is higher, debris accumulates in the tip, where the tip is under a lot of pressure, potentially tearing the cone apart with too much pressure.

The reason for pointing the prongs downstream is that this direction is easy to remove debris as it is swept in the filter. If this direction is required, ensure that the filter is hardened to ensure its mechanical stability.

  1. The cone points upstream:

With the tip pointing upstream, the debris will be swept to the side of the filter. The outside-in flow pattern is an advantage because any clogging of the filter will start on the outside and work its way in. 

Witches hat filter pressure drop

witches hat strainer pressure drop

Basket or truncated cone filters have a larger volume and surface area than cone filters of the same length, providing a comparable operating pressure drop.

Because the pressure drop is the pressure difference between two points, the pressure is generated because of the flow resistance, so pipe elbows, reducing pipes, valves, etc., will cause the pressure drop. High viscosity media or high flow rates may also cause pressure drops. So when determining the size of the pump, pressure drop is an important consideration.

Over time, the filter element will become clogged with debris. This will result in a higher pressure drop. The filter element must be cleaned regularly to unclog the filter and prevent filter damage.

The frequency of filter maintenance is related to the open area, and filters with larger open areas (such as basket filters) require less cleaning frequency than Y-type filters. 

Witches hat filter selection guide

witches hat strainer selection guide

Witches hat filter (Witches Hat Strainer) are perforated devices with woven mesh primarily used to capture particles in pipes and come in different types and names including cone filters, plate filters and temporary basket filters.

In terms of size, tapered filters can capture particles as small as 0.01 inch or 25 microns in diameter. However, the size of the filter mesh must be smaller than the size of the particles, so that the particles can be effectively trapped.

In terms of pressure drop, the screen can be welded to the entire circumference of the flange ring, with a slight pressure drop, which can provide high strength.

For the open area of the filter, the cross section range of the pipeline is from 100% to 300% as the standard, so it has a wide filter area, and also has a good filtering effect.

For the filter material thickness, its specification range needs to be between 22 and 11, depending on the size of the hole.

Witches hat filter definition

witches hat filter definition

Witches hat filter Definitions, often referred to as temporary filters, are usually composed of wire mesh of different materials and apertures, depending on the processing needs of the facility, and can also be made in a variety of sizes to provide better filtration.

Designed for initial start-up, it is usually a temporary device inserted into a fluid production line and can be easily replaced in the pipeline. Filters and protects the passage of particulate matter in the treatment system for pumps, valves, meters, and other mechanical parts that may be affected.

The filter is an economical and efficient way to start the temporary strain of the application. It can not only save a lot of economic costs, but also improve the work efficiency. It has a high use value and should not be used as a permanent filter solution to replace the Y-filter, basket filter, three-way filter or double basket filter.

Witches hat filter flow direction

witches hat strainer flow direction

Witches hat strainer has a tip that can be installed downstream (with flow) or upstream (for flow), so the fluid can flow in two different directions.

Witch’s hat filters belong to the pipeline coarse filter series, generally used to remove impurities in the pipeline, so that the pipeline can work and run properly, while the cone filter works on the principle that fluid enters the cone filter, then impurities are blocked, and finally clean fluid flows out of the outlet.

When the tip of the filter points downstream, debris will follow the fluid in the direction of the tip, so the debris will accumulate at the tip, and the pressure on the tip will increase, which may cause the tip to break due to the increased pressure. If the tip of the filter points upstream, debris will accumulate near the pipe wall at the bottom of the filter as the fluid flows downstream. Particles tend to collect inward from the outer part of the pipe. This direction is better for higher flow rates.


Most frequent questions and answers

Witches hat Strainers for oil and gas applications are also called temporary filters, designed for use during commissioning or start-up. They protect the control devices in the system from dirt, debris, and any other foreign objects that may pass through the new system.

Filters are added to the new system at installation and removed after the system is cleaned. When installed, the witches Hat filters are located between the mating flanges of the pipe for easy installation. If you are adding a debug filter to a vertically mounted meter, we recommend adding a filter to both the inlet and outlet.

Conical filters are designed to capture debris and other solids after a new pipe installation is started, although in some cases the filter may remain permanently in the line. Basket filters or truncated cone filters have flat ends rather than pointed points and can provide the same percentage of open area over a shorter length.

Witches hat filters are devices that mechanically remove unwanted solids from liquid, gas or steam pipelines by means of perforated or wire mesh filtering elements. They are used in piping to protect pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps, regulators, and other process equipment.

Witch hat filters are a very cost effective filtering solution in many applications. If the amount of material to be removed from the fluid is relatively small, resulting in long intervals between screen cleanings, manually clean the screen by closing the line and removing the screen cover.

Conical filters can also be used in a variety of liquid filtration applications to protect downstream process system components in many industries, including: chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, and Marine. The use of conical filters to protect equipment that may be damaged or clogged by unwanted sand, gravel, or other debris is very common in water treatment applications.

Witch hat filter needs to be installed in the plumbing system first to remove unwanted debris from the plumbing system, and the filter cannot be changed during the system startup process.

When operating, the starting filter must be placed on the suction side, you need to ensure that the mesh lining side of the witch’s hat filter flows towards the pipe, and if there is a filter on the outlet side of the downstream valve, you need to ensure that the starting tip filter does not interfere with opening and closing disc, ball or stem.

To filter impurities from the pipe, the fluid must first pass through a perforated or reticulated lined screen, and the filter mesh size must be slightly smaller than the debris size, otherwise unwanted debris may flow out through the pipe and potentially damage downstream equipment. The final fluid through the screen is filtered clean.

  1. Filter can withstand a very high pressure difference. The expected pressure drop of the filter will not cause the downstream working pressure to be lower than the minimum pressure required by the pipeline, and the equipment will not be damaged due to separation.
  2. The hole of the filter is slightly smaller than the smallest debris expected to flow through it, thus effectively blocking impurities. And the size of the punch is normal specification, so it will not cause the filter to produce high pressure drop and lead to its failure.
  3. The material used is stainless steel and non-ferrous metal, with excellent mechanical strength, so that the screen can be filtered or squeezed more effectively.
  4. It has a large filtering area and a high filtering accuracy, so it has a high efficiency and can finish the work quickly.
  5. They are very low cost pipe filters designed to start new or modified pipe systems. They provide cheap protection for expensive valves, pumps, meters and other mechanical equipment.

Witches hat filters can be made from carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel, Alloy 20, Monel, titanium alloy, Super Duplex stainless Steel etc.

Witch hat filters are primarily used as temporary filters. So the main selection of raw materials are stainless steel punching plate and woven mesh. Depending on the filtration strength and filtration accuracy, the filtration structure can be from one layer to multiple layers.

They consist of 1-2 layers of mesh. And according to the strength and filtration efficiency can be used punching net, braided net, punching net + braided net three main forms. It is then fitted with a suitable flange for quick and easy installation into the responsive position.

The witch hat filter is also a cone filter. The conical structure is adopted to maximize the flow area, which can effectively reduce the resistance and improve the flow volume. So they’re usually used for high speed fluids.

A variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper-nickel alloy, duplex stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy and titanium can be used for witches hat filters.

The Witch’s hat filter can be composed of multiple layers of wire cloth, with multiple layers of mesh forming an ideal uniform filtering structure. The material and structure have maximum flow area, which can effectively reduce drag and ensure reliable operation. Thus, filtration materials with higher strength and stiffness can be made.

The main purpose is to remove solids suspended in water, oil and viscous resins. They are used in softening, desalination, water filtration and water pretreatment systems, as well as in less demanding industrial water supply and oil concentrate filtration equipment.

Metal additive manufacturing can also be used, using a process in which metal powder is laid on a bed and a computer-controlled laser is used to melt and fuse the metal at the desired points.

  1. Is a cost-effective alternative to Y or basket filters, which is suitable if you use witch hat filters.
  2. Its simple structure, exclude the impurities in the medium pipeline, make the equipment work normally, play a role, realize the process stability, ensure the safety of production. The principle is that the fluid enters the filter element, its impurities are blocked, and the fluid flow outlet is clean, need to clean, just remove the conical filter element, after cleaning can be installed.
  3. The material and structure can maximize the flow area of the water flow, which can effectively reduce the resistance and ensure the reliability of the operation without blockage.
  4. Adopt 3-6mm pressed stainless steel, can withstand 150 kPa pressure, no deformation and damage, has a long service life.
  5. Available in a variety of sizes, from 8 mesh to 400 mesh. And their pre-filtered conical screen does not force you to modify the existing pipe structure.

Witches hat filter can be composed of multiple layers of wire cloth to create a filter material with higher strength and stiffness. Multiple layers of mesh form an ideal uniform filtering structure designed to fit inside female CAM and groove couplings.

They come with pre-attached nitrile rubber washers, so you simply remove the old washer, install a new one with a filter and get started.

The conical filter has a proprietary support structure and is durable with all TIG welded construction. We design conical filter solutions for existing pipeline applications that use all-welded pleated micron mesh to capture particles in high-flow applications while maintaining minimal differential pressure.

Primarily used to provide a filtration layer to remove solids suspended in water, oil and viscous resins. In 316 stainless steel, we can make them into apertures as small as 1 micron, using a single grid or multiple grids to achieve the desired micron grade. 

  1. Aperture

Need to consider the filter aperture problem, according to the number of holes can determine the filter effect, so that the filter is more accurate.


Select filter materials and sizes to help you achieve better purification and filtration in your oil applications. Look for ways to speed up strain.

The size of the filter should be related to the thickness of the filter, if the filter has a thick thickness, then its size should not be too small.

  1. Stress level

Check the pressure level of the equipment to ensure that you get the ideal equipment and select the equipment with the best filtration capacity, and always check the mesh size so that the pressure can be reduced.

First, without being sure what the chemical is, it needs to be turned off, then the compressor is shut down and the excess gas is blown down.

Then remove the chemical line (which is connected to the pipe we need to move), close the valve that allows the gas to flow into the compressor, loosen the pipe to spin the witch’s hat, undo the witch’s hat, remove and clean it.

This is basically the fuel filter on site for these large compressors; It’s almost a giant engine that runs on natural gas that comes out of the ground. The gas and water extracted from the ground is then sold for refining, but although it is dirty and environmentally corrosive, it is a very efficient system until it is bought back and pumped back underground through compressors to push more water and oil.

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